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Lovejoys Fish & Rice Dog Food 12kg

Lovejoys understand that high quality; good ingredients can better the health and happiness of your dog. With this in mind Lovejoys ensure you that everything that goes into their dog food is for the benefit of your dog and nothing else.Healthy Development & SensitivitiesAll Lovejoys complete dog food contains Seaweed Oil because it contains DHA […]

James Wellbeloved Lamb & Rice Adult Large Breed Dog Food 4kg

A tasty recipe of lamb and rice, specially formulated for dogs heavier than 25kg.James Wellbeloved is a unique dog food that’s hypo-allergenic. With selected protein source lamb and selected carbohydrate sources of rice and oats, it is a dietetic food, excellent for the reduction of ingredient and nutrient intolerences. We suggest that the food be […]

Specific CRD-2 Canine Dog Food 13kg

Specific CRD-2 Canine Dog Food – 2kg, 7.5kg, 13kg The low content of fat and high content of fibre result in a low energy density. Even during a period of weight reduction and/or weight control this will enable the owner to feed a considerable amount of food, ensuring that the dog’s appetite has been sated. […]

Eliminall Dog Spot On Large Dog (20-40kg) 1 Pipette NFA-D

Eliminall Spot on for Dogs is for the treatment and prevention of flea and tick infestations in dogs. Fleas will be killed within 24 hours. Eliminall has a persistent insecticidal efficacy for up to 4 weeks against fleas and acaricidal efficacy for up to 4 weeks against Ixodes ricinus and for up to 1 week […]

Pedigree Dentastix Fresh Adult Dog Treat 7 stick +25kg

Pedigree Dentastix Fresh is a great tasting new chew from Pedigree that cleans teeth and freshens breath. Pedigree Denta Fresh is designed to be chewed for long enough to be effective. Its gently abrasive texture, combined with active ingredients that work with your dog’s saliva, helps reduce the build-up of plaque and tartar. When fed daily […]

Mark & Chappell VetIQ Flea Guard for Dogs & Cats 90 Tablets

Vet IQ Flea Guard Tablets are a natural protection against fleas, lice, ticks and other insects. They are fortified with nutrients that when digested, generate a pleasant smell which renders your pet unattractive to insects.As an added benefit, Flea Guard tablets also work to minimise any soggy doggy smells whilst promoting a lustrous coat and healthy […]

Greenies Dental Dog Treats 170g Teenie

Greenies Dental Chews are a delicious treat that provided superior oral care. Knowing that oral care is important to your dogs health, Greenies are proven to clean your dogs’ teeth by combating plaque and tartar build up, freshening breath and maintaining healthier teeth and gums. Formulated with added vitamins and minerals, they are low in […]

Purina Beyond Simply 9 Lamb & Barley Adult Dog Food 2kg

PURINA Beyond Simply 9 Rich in Lamb with Whole Barley is made with nine key ingredients to provide a complete food for your adult dog, working harmoniously to provide a balance of all essential nutrients.With delicious cuts of high quality lamb, Beyond is rich in the necessary protein to maintain lean body mass whilst also […]

Baskerville Dog Muzzle Size 9 German Shepherd

“Muzzles have done more to protect owners and their dogs than legislation”, quote by Dr Mugford.The classic box-design of the Baskerville Muzzle is generally suitable for dogs with narrow or long noses. Unlike Baskerville Ultra Muzzle, this traditionally designed muzzle prevents food scavenging and harmful self self-licking. This muzzle is perfect for handling and grooming, […]