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KONG Window Teasers Cat Toy

KONG Window Teasers provides the exercise and play that cats need. Natural instincts such as stalking, hunting and capturing can be satisfied through interactive play with KONG cat toys. KONG Active toys promote healthy exercise and fulfil cats instinctual desires to chase, hunt and capture. The KONG Window Teaser affixes to smooth surfaces, creating an active challenge […]

Bertie the Bat Dog Toy 10″

Danish Design brings you and your dog Bertie the Bat the loveable plush dog toy. Bertie the Bat is suitable for most medium – large breeds or smaller breeds that love a challenge. Made in England, Danish Designs are known for their superb range of quality dog toys, and Bertie the Bat is no exception. […]

Burns Original Chicken & Rice Toy & Small Breed Adult Dog Food 6kg

Burns Original Chicken & Rice for toy & small breed adult dogs caters to the complete, specific nutritional demands of your canine companion. Equally suitable for adult and senior dogs thanks to a carefully controlled mineral content, Burns provides small and toy breeds with the comparatively higher levels of protein and essential fats which they […]

Hugglehounds Knottie Raccoon Dog Toy

Hugglehounds Raccoon Knottie is a sense awakening plush toy. As with all of the Hugglehound Knottie range, Puff features knotted arms and legs ideal for gnawing on. However, Puff also features 5 squeakers in his body ideal for capturing your dog’s attention, as well as a crinkly filled tail, keeping your dog totally fascinated.• Made […]

Cat Dangler Pole Bird – 3 Toys

Encourage your cat’s hunting instincts with the Cat Dangler Pole Bird. The dangler pole is very long and has an elastic rubber band on the end attached to genuine feathers. The perfect flying capability of the feathers and the bird-like look of this dangler pole help it to imitate prey, which your cat will love […]

Trixie Nub Toy Balls – 4 Balls

These colourful Trixie Nub Balls are completely unpredictable, keeping even the quickest cats on their toes! They roll in all directions and come in a 4-pack so you can save some for later, or let your cat go wild with all four. These balls encourage your cat’s hunter instincts, providing it with play and exercise […]