4 Packs of Popcorn Dog Treats Offer

4 Packs of Popcorn Dog Treats Offer



Product Description

Special offer! By four packs of our Popcorn for Dogs and save 20%! This popcorn is customised for your pooch and is seasoned with seaweed. It is air popped to  make it a healthier alternative, lower in fat and calories with a longer shelf-life. Made with 100% whole grain this treat is packed with fibre, vitamins and a variety of minerals. The popcorn is gluten free with no added oils or butter making it a fun healthy low calorie snack. So settle in for a film night with your dog Ingredients: Corn (maize), seaweed. Do not feed to puppies less than 14 weeks. Suitable for vegetarian dogs. Each pack is 20 grams

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