8-Sided Nylon Run – Large – 116 x 116 x 58 cm (L x W x H)



Product Description

This nylon run is a high-quality run suitable for small pets. Its light weight easy storage and simple installation make it ideal for travelling and holidays. And of course it´s also perfect for letting your pets get some fresh air on sunny days in the garden. The nylon run features two entrances/exits which open and close with a secure zip fastening and can be rolled up and secured with Velcro strips. A protective net keeps your pet safe from attacks by predators such as birds of prey and is quickly and easily attached using the zip. There are also four loops on the base of the run which can be fixed to the ground for extra security using tent pegs (not included). The high-quality nylon material is especially durable and can be wiped clean. The floor is also attached by a zip fastening and is easily detachable allowing you to remove it if your pets want to feel the grass beneath their paws. A special opening and attachment for a drinking bottle is provided which is accessible from the

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