8in1 Delights Chicken Balls Dog Treats

8in1 Delights Chicken Balls Dog Treats



Product Description

8in1 Delights Chicken Balls are a meaty dog snack for long lasting chewing fun from tasty chicken wrapped in strong, premium rawhide which are less than 1% fat. 8in1 Delights are the unique, patented mix of dental product, jaw workout and great taste. Unlike usual chews, the smell and the meat pieces around the edge entice your dog to get to the chicken inside. This makes chewing even more fun for your dog, keeping him interested right until the last bite.  These treats will keep your dog keep fit and happy, and his teeth and gums healthy.  Benefits: • Good for teeth and gums  • Less than 1% fat  • No artificial colourings or flavour enhancers  • Lots of good-quality chicken wrapped in tough rawhide • Long chewing fun, no leftover

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