Ancol Timberwolf Round Leather Dog Collar

Ancol Timberwolf Round Leather Dog Collar



Product Description

The Ancol Timberwolf leather round collars are the finest quality and are especially good for dogs with longer fur as the collar reduces any flattering of the dogs hair. The leather is specially treated to make it soft and supple but exceptionally strong and water repellant. The round leather collars are reinforced with a nylon core for strength and shape retention. They have strong stitching and a die cast antique gold buckle and D ring. All Ancol Timberwolf leather is treated with 3M leather protector. This is applied during the tanning process and bonds with the leather to not only protect against water, oil or dirt stains, but also to make the leather more durable and resistant to wear. Size Guide : Size 3 / Up to 16″ Size 4 / Up to 18″ Size 5 / Up to 20″ Size 6 / Up to 22″ Size 7 / Up to 24″ Size 8 / Up to 26″

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