Bob Martin Felight Stay Fresh Litter Freshener Peony 500ml

Bob Martin Felight Stay Fresh Litter Freshener Peony 500ml



Product Description

Bob Martin Stayfresh Litter Freshener with new advanced Stayfresh Technology is perfect for keeping your cat’s litter tray fresh and hygienic for even longer. We know that odour and hygiene control in your home is very important to you, so Bob Martin have created this double action litter freshener to make looking after your cat easier. Captures and locks away odours Has antibacterial properties to help kill germs Pleasant fragranceIndependent tests have shown that Stayfresh Litter Freshener improves odour control by up to 4 times, helping to keep your litter tray fresher for longer.Stayfresh Litter Freshener is also pleasantly fragranced with a Peony flower scent.Directions: Simply sprinkle a layer of litter freshener over the litter in your cat’s tray. Repeat each time you change the tray to help it stay fresh.

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