Bosch Reproduction – 7.5kg



Product Description

Bosch Reproduction complete dry dog food provides excellent support for pregnant and nursing bitches. This delicious dry food contains at least 20% fresh poultry to ensure that your dog receives plenty of high-quality protein which is important for foetal development. This special diet also stimulates milk production in nursing dogs. Thanks to its carefully formulated recipe Bosch Reproduction offers long-lasting nutritional support for your dog from the fifth week of pregnancy helping to promote the healthy development and vitality of her puppies. The food´s high palatability also ensures that your dog will receive all the nutrients she needs while nursing her puppies. Bosch Reproduction at a glance Specialist dry food for all pregnant and nursing dogs from their fifth week of pregnancy Supports milk production and healthy foetal development Well-accepted promotes sufficient nutrient intake during the nursing phase With at least 20% fresh meat contains high-quality poultry protein Con

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