Chipsi Extra Beechwood Chips - 15kg Medium-Grain

Chipsi Extra Beechwood Chips – 15kg Medium-Grain



Product Description

Chipsi Extra Beechwood-Granulate is a natural bedding that was specially developed with the needs of reptiles and some breeds of birds in mind. The rough grain is ideal for large reptiles snakes and large birds. The medium grain is intended for small reptiles large birds and turtles etc. Chipsi Extra Beechwood-Granulate for exotic animals is hygienic dry dust free Chipsi Extra Medium approx. 1-4mm Chipsi Extra XXL approx. 4-16mm Chipsi products are made from select regional woods. They all undergo a stringent quality control method designed after DIN ISO 9001 Making quality products that a good for the environment is first priority.

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