Cool Dog" Cooling Coat-Purple-Large (64cm)"

“”Cool Dog” Cooling Coat-Purple-Large (64cm)”



Product Description

“The perfect solution for hot summer days Prestige Cool-Coats are activated by water they are light cool and soft to the touch making them luxurious and comfortable for your dog to wear. The Cool-Coat will make your dog feel cool not wet. You can test this by putting your hand beneath the dog’s coat and feeling how cool he feels compared to any part of his coat that is exposed to the sun or heat for a period of time. As the heat of the day slowly evaporates the moisture from the Cool-Coat this in turn draws the heat out of the dogs body. Leaving him feeling far cooler than before. When your Cool-Coat coat starts to dry out it will begin to go back to its natural state becoming slightly dryer and a little stiff. When this happens simply re activate your coat by putting it in water. Immersing the Cool-Coat in water for just a couple of minutes. Once the Cool-Coat is completely saturated remove the coat and squeeze out the excess water so your coat feels cool yet not wet. To clean your Cool-Coat wash through thoroughly in clean water if really irty it is safe to put your Cool-Coat through the washing machine. Please remember to wash dark colours separately. To store simply allow your coat to dry and pack away.Our Cool-Coats are made from 100% synthetic material they are simple to use wash and store.”

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