DeliBest Light Ostrich Tendons – 200g



Product Description

DeliBest Light Ostrich Tendons are particularly healthy chews for dogs. The gently dried ostrich tendons are around 15cm long and make a long-lasting chew rich in quality protein and low in fat. They are particularly suited to dogs with sensitive digestion or allergies because Ostrich protein has low potential to cause allergic reaction. The sticks are also gluten free and grain free. Intensive chewing strengthens your dog´s jaw and promotes good oral hygiene through the mechanical cleaning of the teeth. A light malt and mineral glaze that improves the flavour and aroma of the chews and also ensures that the chews feel dry to the touch rather than oily. Malt can also help to improve your dog´s overall wellbeing and strength. DeliBest products are 100% natural without any chemical additives. The raw ingredients are sourced from quality producers that adhere to the appropriate regulations regarding use of chemical residues medications myotoxins and hormones. DeliBest Light Ostrich Tendon

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