Dispenser for Dog Poop Bags with Bags - Black

Dispenser for Dog Poop Bags with Bags – Black



Product Description

Responsible dog owners always clear up their dog’s mess. And now you never need to search for a bag to dispose of your dog’s poop. This heart-shaped poop bag dispenser can be attached to the lead. Whether you are out walking, on holiday or in your garden, you will always have a bag ready for your dog’s droppings when you need it. And it’s a great little accessory to attach to your dog lead. Simply open the dispenser and place the included roll of plastic bags inside. Pull the end through the opening and zip the dispenser shut. There is a loop to attach it to the dog lead or collar, or just pop it in your pocket. The handy velcro strap allows you to attach the dispenser to your dog’s lead, collar or to your own clothes, belt or belt buckle, or you can simply put it in your jacket pocket. This heart-shaped little bag dispenser is a practical, efficient solution to clearing up dog mess. The dispenser is suitable for all rolls of poop bags measuring approx. 6 x 3 cm. The Dispenser for Dog Poop Bags, incl. bags at a glance: Size: 7 x 8 cm (LxW) Colour: black Handy velcro strap (up to 3.5 cm belt width) Poop bag roll 6 x 3 cm (bags: 22.5 x 30 cm) Cute heart shape For extra refill packs of Poop Bags, click here: Dog Poop Bags (Baby Powder Scented) – Black

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