Feel Free Soft Dog Harness - Size XS

Feel Free Soft Dog Harness – Size XS



Product Description

The Feel Free soft dog harness is very strong yet thanks to the special nylon material used it is very light. Your dog will not have to struggle with unnecessary weight which can restrict its movements. The silver coloured borders and stripes reflect light and help to make you and your dog more visible when it is dark. The harness is made from slightly elastic mesh material which fits well and does not rub or cut into the skin. This material is breathable and prevents a build-up of heat under the harness. This harness is easy to wear and does not cause any discomfort. To fit the harness on your dog place your dog´s front paws in the harness and then fasten with the individually adjustable Velcro tab and the click buckle on the top of the harness. There is a D-ring on the back for the dog lead so you will always have your dog perfectly under control. A dog harness ensures that the pull is evenly distributed between the throat and the chest which protects the spine and larynx from damage. Your dog will enjoy a feeling of freedom and you and your dog will feel safe and protected with the Feel Free soft harness. The Feel Free soft harness at a glance Very well made Very light to wear Reflecting stripes for increased safety Breathable material Individually adjustable Velcro straps Easy to put on Very comfortable to wear Excellent fit slightly stretchy D-ring for dog lead Material 100% Polyester Colour black with silver edges Machine wash up to 30°C Sizing Size Chest Circumference Neck Circumference Rear Strap Stomach Strap XS 32 – 37cm 28 – 30cm 5.0cm 13.0cm S 40 – 44cm 30 – 37cm 6.0cm 15.0cm

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