Forza 10 Medium Maintenance with Fish - Economy Pack: 2 x 15kg

Forza 10 Medium Maintenance with Fish – Economy Pack: 2 x 15kg



Product Description

Forza 10 Medium Maintenance Dog Food with Fish for mature, medium-sized dogs(11-35 kg) contains only a single source of protein and was specially developed to: prevent food related illness (sensitivities and allergies)in order to guarantee perfect health for your dog maintain the health achieved through Forza 10 Medium Diet Dog Food and to prevent a relapse of food illness The hypoallergenic Forza 10 Medium Maintenance with Fish prevents food intolerances and contains: Fish from the ocean as its single animal protein source Corn as its single source of carbohydrates – low allergy potential Corn oil as the only source of fat Fructo-Oligo-Saccharide (FOS) encourages the growth of “good” bacteria such as bifidobacterium and lactobacillales Very often dogs can become intolerant to harmful, active pathogenic residues commonly found in food derived from intensive farming. These food related illnesses often result in dry and itchy skin, red, irritated eyes, and digestive irregularities. As a result Forza 10 products contain no derivatives of intensive farming. Recent studies show that dogs nourished with fish or meat not produced from intensive farming, do not develop food related illnesses.

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