Fresh Flow Deluxe Cat Water Fountain - Black - 2 x Replacement Filters

Fresh Flow Deluxe Cat Water Fountain – Black – 2 x Replacement Filters



Product Description

The running water in the Fresh Flow Deluxe is always fresh and oxygenated. The water is clear, pure and cool and cats prefer to drink this kind of water. The constant flow of the fountain will encourage your cat to drink more and the increased daily intake of water will improve your pet’s vital kidney functions. An integrated active carbon filter ensures a good quality of water. The freshly filtered water flows like a waterfall out of the upper part of the Fresh Flow Deluxe over a ramp and then back into the reservoir – quietly and without splashing. The water fountain is very quiet so it is also suitable for pets which react badly to loud noises. The Fresh Flow Deluxe water fountain at a glance: Holds a large volume of water: 3 Litres Colour: black Material: plastic Dimensions: Length: approx. 30 cm Width: approx. 23 cm (at the back, the front is slightly narrower) Height: approx. 15.5 cm Large surface for great oxygen absorption Encourages pets to drink Helps your pet to stay healthy Suitable for cats and small dogs Transparent water container makes it easy to check water level Clean by hand with mild detergent and warm water 1 active carbon filter included in delivery Replacement filters can be purchased Electric cable length: approx. 175 cm For 230V/12V power sockets, with power supply. CE and GS tested, maximum safety. Please note: This device is designed for use in Germany and thus comes with a power adapter for use in the UK. Important information: The Fresh Flow Deluxe must be cleaned regularly so that cat hair and hard water (scale) do not impair the pump function. To de-scale: lay the pump in de-scaling mixture for approx. 2 hours, then wash the pump by hand once more before putting it back into Fresh Flow Deluxe de-scale every 2-4 weeks depending on hardness of water. Please see operating instructions for further details. No warranty on pumps with scale. New individual pumps are available for separate purchase. Please take care to keep the water reservoir full. The pump should never run dry – this also voids any warranty Check the active carbon filter every 30 days. If only one pet is using the fountain the filter should be changed every 60-90 days (depending on frequency of use). If several pets are using the fountain the filter should be changed more freqently. What’s this?

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