Hidez Compression Ice Socks-Socks for Hindleg-Black-Small (14-15H)

“Hidez Compression Ice Socks-Socks for Hindleg-Black-Small (14-15H)”



Product Description

“Ice Socks now make icing your horses legs easier and more convenient than ever. Simple to put on by a large heavy duty zipper just fill the pockets with ice and enjoy knowing your getting the benefit of icing the leg with the added benefit of Hidez compression! 20 minutes later you unzip the sock toss the ice zip the sock back on the leg for continued compression therapy! Its that simple -Same amazing benefit of compression wear -Easy to put on and take off – No wires cords batteries attached -No need to worry about frozen packs – No machines -No need for a power outlet – Ice from the knee or hock down past the fetlock -No worry of these slipping down due to heavy duty wide adjustable Velcro above the knee/hock -No heavy bags to tote around -Nothing for a horse to get tangled in -Machine washable – Line dry -Easy to store”

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