Mera Dog Reference - 12.5kg

Mera Dog Reference – 12.5kg



Product Description

Mera Dog is a premium dry dog food made in Germany that prides itself on well-balanced healthy nutrition with high acceptance rates from pets and owners alike. It is developed with the latest scientific advances to keep your dog healthy and happy. Mera Dog Reference is optimally suited for fully-grown dogs with average activity levels. Mera Dog Reference provides the ideal amount of energy for companion dogs sport dogs and working dogs with limited operation. Mera Dog produces a range of products with select combinations of ingredients providing your dog with specialised nutrition according to its breed size age and activity level. Mera Dog Reference with the Mera CareConcept offers your dog all-around protection and care. Defense System & Cell protection Vitamin E vitamin C Beta-carotine and selenium protect from harmful free radicals Skin & Coat Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids from salmon oil organically bonded zinc and lecithin improve skin texture and provide a thick glossy coat Digestion & Metabolism Soluble and insoluble fibre naturally regulates digestion and improves bowel function Inulin from chicory root – a natural prebiotic plant extract – stabilizes intestinal flora Physique & Vitality Need-based caloric content helps avoid excess weight gain for unhindered movement and capability High-quality protein sources provide vital nutrients for building strong muscles and connective tissue Odour Control Odour-Stop Formula contains special plant extracts and minerals which naturally bind to the metabolic products of the digestion process – the substances that can cause unpleasant smells from the mouth skin and coat. The Mera brand has stood for high-quality pet food for over 60 years. Years of experience unbeatable quality and customer trust have made Mera a premium dog food supplier. High-quality natural raw materials are the base of the Mera Care Concept all raw ingredients come from healthy animals whose meat is meant for human consumption. These ingredients are monitored and certified by state-authorized veterinarians to make sure to give your dog the nutrition it needs to lead a full healthy and happy life.

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