Orijen Freeze Dried Original Cat Treats 35g

Orijen Freeze Dried Original Cat Treats 35g



Product Description

The delicious and flavour rich Orijen Freeze Dried Original Cat Treats are created in Kitchens set amongst the lush Canadian landscape where they draw inspiration from Mother Nature. Creating products which mirror the diversity and freshness seen in nature the recipes are tailored to your cat’s natural anatomy which similar to an African Wildcat has evolved for a meat rich diet. Gently freeze dried to retain flavour and goodness these treats are a luxurious way to appeal to your cat’s wild side whilst providing them with the ingredients which help keep them in optimum health. Made with passion and care Orijen understand the importance of using high quality ingredients as a way to reward your cat and keep them active. Key Features: Meat and protein rich Low GI: Helping match their natural dietIngredients: Boneless chicken, boneless turkey, chicken liver, boneless flounderAnalytical Constituents: Protein 45%, Fat 35%, Fiber 1%, Moisture 2%

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