Pigs' Ears - 10 Chews

Pigs’ Ears – 10 Chews



Product Description

Pigs’ ears must be the most popular dog chew of all times. They make the perfect snack for any dog, and are truly popular with nearly all our four-legged friends. Treat your dog to this delicious snack and watch him chew away! Contrary to many dog bones, pigs’ ears are very digestible. The high proportion of cartilage in pigs’ ears will strengthen your dog’s chewing muscles and help to clean his teeth. Natural Pigs’ Ears Dog Treats at a glance: Oven-dried at 130°C without smoke or seasoning Available in different sized packs Natural variations of the Pigs ears may occur i.e. size 5kg bag contains a mixture of small and large treats, as well as one pig ear auricle pack

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