Purina ONE Sensitive - Turkey & Rice - 800g

Purina ONE Sensitive – Turkey & Rice – 800g



Product Description

Purina ONE Sensitive – Rich in Turkey & Rice is a complete dry cat food which has been formulated to specifically address the needs of choosy cats and those which suffer from sensitive digestions or food intolerances. Cats often suffer with stomach and dietary problems because they build up intolerances to certain proteins. Purina ONE Sensitive with Actilea Formula contains special ingredients which address the needs of adult cats with delicate stomachs or those which are very fussy about food. This recipe contains limited sources of protein mainly turkey which helps to minimise the risk of allergies. Purina ONE Sensitive also contains rice and maize as well as chicory which is a good source of insoluble fibre and can encourage a healthy digestive system. Purina One is is available in the following sizes 800g 1.5kg and 3kg (2 x 1.5kg) The premium quality ingredients in Purina ONE Sensitive taste really good and promote good nutrient absorption. This recipe for adult cats also helps to promote general good health. Helps to stimulate your cat´s appetite select tasty ingredients encourage your cat to eat Easy to digest high-quality ingredients promote high digestibility Supports food tolerance limited proteins aid nutritional tolerance The easy to digest nutrient combination including vitamins and antioxidants helps to strengthen your cat´s immune system and reduce the symptoms of ageing. Purina ONE cat food with the enhanced Actilea formula helps to reinforce your cat´s natural defences and provides the best possible conditions for a healthy and long cat life. Help your cat to stay healthy with Purina ONE cat food Natural positive immunity Healthy digestion Balanced gut micro flora Protection from free radicals The three most important ingredients (prebiotics antioxidants and yeast) take effect in the digestive tract and can have a beneficial impact on the whole body Yeast Alongside vitamins and minerals yeast provides protein and beta-glucan which can have a positive effect on your pet´s health. Yeast is also known for its beneficial effects on the body including an improved immune system and healthy skin hair and nails. Beta-glucan – a special constituent of the yeast cell walls – – helps to activate the immune system. Yeast can support your cat´s natural defences and provide an important contribution to its general health. Prebiotics Prebiotics encourage healthy gut micro flora by supporting the growth of beneficial bacteria. A balanced gut flora helps to improve the natural defences nutrient absorption as well as aiding healthy digestion. Prebiotics are an important to your cat´s health as they can Improve the natural defences Promote healthy digestion Promote a balanced gut micro flora

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