Red Dingo Lumitube Light Up Dog Collar Purple Small (glows pink)

Red Dingo Lumitube Light Up Dog Collar Purple Small (glows pink)



Product Description

The Red Dingo LED Lumitube is an illuminated safety collar for nocturnal adventures, simply slip the Lumitube collar over your dog’s head and you can be sure your best mate will be seen by you and others at night. Being durable and waterproof, it is suitable for all outdoor adventures. Lumitube collars operate on AAA batteries.It is available in dark blue, red, green and purple in sizes large or small.Fitting GuideLumitube is designed to be slipped over your dogs’s head without undoing the loop. 1 Measure your dog’s head circumference. The easiest way is to adjust a regular collar so it slips on and off without causing discomfort. Use this length as a guide for the Lumitube, adding 10mm extra for inserting into the housing.2 Cut the tubing to the measured length. Don’t cut the tube too short the first time. You can always repeat the process if you find the collar is too long.3 To assemble, simply insert the end of the tube firmly into the housing4 Test the collar and if it is too long, push the quick release ring to release the tube from the housing, cut and reinsert the tube5 Install the battery and slip the collar over your dog’s head. To switch on the LED light, press the button on top of the housing.SizesSmall: Size up to 50cm (20″)Large: Size up to 80cm (32′)

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