Rocco Junior 6 x 800g - Chicken Hearts, Rice & Calcium

Rocco Junior 6 x 800g – Chicken Hearts, Rice & Calcium



Product Description

Top quality Rocco Junior wet puppy food is formulated to meet the specific needs of puppies and young dogs during that all-important growth phase. Rocco Junior contains lots of vitamins and minerals that are essential for young dogs, plus calcium to ensure strong bone development. Rocco Junior wet dog food for puppies ensures a great start to a long and healthy life. This optimal wet puppy food contains: Extra calcium and a balanced calcium to phosphorus ration: to make sure bones and teeth develop properly High animal protein content from top-quality meat for balanced growth Vitamin D3 to encourage the absorption of calcium for healthy teeth and bones Biotin to encourage a healthy metabolism and optimal growth of fur and skin The Beef variety is grain-free It is available in four delicious varieties: Turkey, Veal Hearts & Rice Beef Chicken Hearts & Rice Poultry, Game & Rice The Rocco Junior Mixed Trial Pack contains 3 different varieties: 2 x 800g Turkey, Veal Hearts & Calcium 2 x 800g Chicken Hearts, Rice & Calcium 2 x 800g Poultry, Game, Rice & Calcium Rocco Junior wet dog food is made using only fresh meat of the highest quality as well as other wholesome, healthy ingredients: 100% fresh ingredients. No formed meat. Meat isn’t all the same. Many products contain so-called “formed meat” which frequently imitates natural meat fibres. Rocco is guaranteed not to contain formed meat and is made using only fresh meat. It is free from animal meal (e.g. bone meal), vegetable protein (e.g. soya) or other fillers. No pork Only the best – right from the start! Rocco provides your young dog with a healthy meal. All Rocco wet dog food is: Species appropriate complete food for puppy dogs of all breeds 100% premium quality, fresh ingredients The gentle cooking process preserves healthy nutrients in Rocco, as well as the tasty meat flavour Rocco forgoes all chemical additives such as flavour enhancers, artificial colouring and preservatives and uses only fresh meat of the highest quality. Very well accepted Rocco dog food not only tastes good, it helps keeps your dog fit and healthy! Please note: This product cannot be delivered to Switzerland!

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