The Working Whippet by Helen Hansell

“The Working Whippet by Helen Hansell”



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“The Working Whippet is devoted to the breeding traing and preparation of the whippet for work in the field. Whippets are among the top twenty registered breeds in the UK and increasing in popularity as a working breed. Chapters in the book include an introduction to the breed its origins role and importance in the past and today what to look for in a puppy caring for the puppy feeding worming earlty training teaching skills needed in the field working by day and night care of ther working dog the next generation – selecting a stud dog whelping rearing a litter. The Working Whippet contains valuable advice which applies not only to whippet owners but also to those who own lurchers large and small and much of the information applies to all running dogs. 176 pages and illustrated in colour throughout. “

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